We offer an extensive selection of valve components to meet the needs of every manufacturing project. We provide you with the valve component machining services you need at competitive prices. 

We are a defense supplier with almost 50 years of experience. Our services include:  5 axis CNC machining and CNC milling services, EDM machining, and contract assembly of precision components. All of our defense parts meet MIL-I-45208A, MIL –STD-45662A or ISO 9001 quality standards, Level1/SUBSAFE and Nuclear Plant Material as required. Our primary codes are NAICS 332912, NAICS 332919, SIC 3492, SIC 3494 and FSCs 4730, 4810 and 4820.

We manufacture check valves, directing valves, flow limiting valves, grease valves, vent and drain valves, as well as valve components according to precise military standards. 

Almost every piping system needs valves. Valves control the flow and pressure through pipes conveying any solid, liquid or gas. Valves may also divert the direction of the flow.

There are many different types of valves to suit specific needs. Our grease valves are specially designed for piping systems that transfer grease. Flow limiting valves are fabricated to maintain a specific flow rate, remaining steady throughout changing pressure influences. 

Our expert team of engineers, quality control specialists, and customer service representatives will ensure that you’ll receive superior valve components.

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